Tomorrow’s Fulfilment, Today.

Legacy Is Not Ready for the Future

Intelligent Real-time Information System , or IRIS™ in short, is the backbone for Cosmiqo’s A.I. and proprietary algorithms used in decision-making. By taking years of experience, millions of data points and trillions of possibilities, IRIS derives the best possible outcome for your warehousing operations. With IRIS, we take the ‘ifs’ and ‘maybe’ out of warehousing operations and give you only the best actions to take without any changes to your operation.

Warehouse Execution System That Does More

Cosmiqo helps supply chains leverage on A.I. to drive operations & business excellence, complete visibility and continuous improvement.

Transform & Automate

Break free from legacy WMS processes with fade-into-background modules that replaces dozens of manual functions and scales for operations growth.

Fast-track to a Robot-Human Future

Leverage on the power of A.I. to adapt and orchestrate to your fulfilment future. One software suite that unifies human-robot operations specific to your operations.

Mitigate System Lock-in

De-couple effectively from any particular hardware and software brands while enabling orchestration, optimization and visibility across all warehouse operation software tools.


IRIS (People-centric) Warehouse Optimization Tools

IRIS for people-centric warehousing enables faster, more accurate, flexible operations in order to attain greater warehouse throughput.

Increase picking productivity

Increase productivity by reducing travel time and routing inefficiencies.

Allocate manpower efficiently

Increase utilization of manpower by dedicating manpower based off current and predictive demand and workloads.

Reduce operational redundancies

Minimize lost productivity by consolidating tasks that can be done concurrently.

Predictively position resources

Increase speed to pick by adjusting item positions predictively.


IRIS Robot Controller

IRIS Robot Controller provides a fleet management platform that enables faster, more accurate, and flexible robot operations in order to attain greater warehouse throughput.

Coordinate across platforms

One robot controller for any type of robot, brand or operations to execute operations collectively.

Supercharge warehouse and manufacturing velocity

Increase robot productivity with greater job coordination and optimised periphery actions for higher throughput and quicker robot ROI.

Global view of operations

Track fleet and job status in real-time and simulate operations in advance to determine optimal asset allocation.


IRIS Warehouse Simulator

IRIS Warehouse Simulator enables data-driven warehousing assets and operation planning for the most accurate allocation of resources possible through virtualization and simulation.

Forecast impact

Identify potential demand and operational variables, execute data-driven planning effectively.

Mimic operations

Simulate operations in virtual layouts and simulations without implementing any costly and permanent physical changes.

Analyze inefficiencies

Pinpoint and remediate current bottlenecks and poor practices through simulation.

A Future-Proof Investment


Enable machine visibility and machine data acquisition in manufacturing and logistics operations.


Enable lighting-condition visibility in urban and built environments.