Tomorrow’s Fulfilment, Today.

Experience the power of A.I.-enabled system-agnostic orchestration, optimization and visibility middleware for people & robot warehousing today.

More Than Warehouse Software Tools

Transform & Automate

Break free from legacy WMS processes with fade-into-background modules that replaces dozens of manual functions and scales for operations growth.

Fast-track to a Robot-Human Future

Leverage on the power of A.I. to adapt and orchestrate to your fulfilment future. One software suite that unifies human-robot operations specific to your operations.

Mitigate System Lock-in

De-couple effectively from particular hardware and software brands while enabling orchestration, optimization and visibility across warehouse operation software tools.

IRIS is Tomorrow’s Fulfilment, Today.

IRIS for Robot

IRIS for People-Robot Warehouses

IRIS for People

IRIS Simulator for
Warehouse Asset Planning

Game-changing Systems Interoperability

We are System-agnostic

We are API-first

Easily deploy and integrate our tools with your current operations infrastructure with your orchestration tool of choice.
Everything Cosmiqo does is extensible through our APIs – and we mean everything. From cloud to on-premise, if it has an API, we have you covered.

Why Cosmiqo?

Operational Excellence

Increase human/robot efficiency and ROI by 40-60%

Minimal Upfront Investment

Save 95% with simulation vs traditional planning methods for optimal number of robots, chargers and racks for operations based on demand patterns and warehouse layout during transition planning

Lower working capital

Save over 50% on excess robots by determination with simulation based on current and future operation variables

Single Platform for Robot-Human Orchestration

Seamlessly enable human-robot interaction in any hybrid arrangement to suit operations

Coordinate multiple brands/types of robots

Deploy robots based on function and need, rather than based on brand, in one single operation. Seamlessly execute operations across different robot platforms

Increase business competitiveness and expansion with limited capital expenditure

Lower cost base of picks allows for greater business acquisition potential. Maximization of current warehouse during robot operations transition without increasing physical footprint


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