Plan assets and execute operations with certainty

IRIS Warehouse Simulator enables data-driven warehousing assets and operation planning for the most accurate allocation of resources possible.

Analyze and Allocate

Accurate warehouse asset and layout planning is often a pipe dream. It is usually done soley experientially or experimentally. And it’s near impossible to determine the optimal amount of resources and layout required for maximum efficiency. IRIS Warehouse Simulator gives you the visibility and ability to make the best decisions.

Forecast Impact

Identify potential demand and operational variables, execute data-driven planning effectively.

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Simulate Operations

Simulate operations in virtual layouts and simulations without implementing any costly and permanent physical changes.

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Analyze Inefficiencies

Pinpoint and remediate current bottlenecks and poor practices through simulation.

Enable Effective Asset Planning Through Data

Simulate and determine operations with certainty.

Layout Management

Realize the optimal warehouse layout and warehouse asset placement unique to your operations without making a single structural or operational change.

Fleet Management

A single software platform that does job assignment, traffic control, collision avoidance and charging for ongoing fleet operations.

Manpower Allocation

Ascertain the right allocation of workloads and headcount required to maximize productivity and utilize human capital effectively.

Make Changes Cost

IRIS Warehouse Simulator virtualizes your operations based on different configurations and allows you to “know before you go” before making a cost-incurring change to your warehouse.

Impact Diagnosis

Quickly identify current practices that are creating inefficiencies through simple and intuitive visualizations.

Simple. Fast. Easy-to-use.

We are System-agnostic

Easily deploy and integrate our tools with your current operations infrastructure with your orchestration tool of choice.

We are API-first

Everything Cosmiqo does is extensible through our APIs – and we mean everything. From cloud to on-premise, if it has an API, we have you covered.

We don’t require human-intervention

IRIS runs in the background and you get your output without having to ongoing manual operations input for IRIS to work.

We are scalable


Modularised and flexible, IRIS tools can scale with your operations even as you introduce new processes and tools.