Why Cosmiqo?

Cosmiqo helps organizations remove material and process flow inefficiencies through orchestration, optimization and visibility for human loose-picking & robot warehousing.

Legacy Is Not Ready for the Future

Dead time in operations today means much more than ever, affecting not only your operational excellence but also customer satisfaction and price competitiveness. At the same time, there is more complexity than ever in warehousing, in more places than ever, and everything is a black-box. This is a challenge that legacy solutions aren’t equipped to handle.


Existing software is system-dependent.
There is no flexibility for cross-platform configuration and leads to inefficiency.


Legacy systems that do not adapt to your operations can be very detrimental to your efficiency. Today’s data provided tomorrow is not good enough for our fast-paced logistics world.


Greater fulfilment complexity and more inefficiencies are currently being solved by spending increasingly on deficient systems. Fixed capital costs increase duration for ROI significantly.

Optimize Present
Assets & Operations

Want to get more out of your current warehouse assets
but without spending a fortune on changing it?
Opt for a single platform with flexible modules that complements and improves the areas that
you need help with most today.


Optimize assets without constant human intervention with our low-touch self-learning engines.


Increase productivity of assets rapidly with data analytics and A.I.


Utilize modules individually or have them work together, depending on priorities.


Integrate Cosmiqo into any stack, regardless of system and brand type.

Fast Track to Robot-Human Warehouse Future

We give you the platform and insights to orchestrate a robot-human operation, accelerating and making it easier for your transition to a automated future. We also optimize present fleets for greater productivity and increase robot ROI, all while ensuring you have complete operational integration across all your automated assets in the warehouses.


Simulate and analyze operations before any physical deployment or execution.


One robot controller to coordinate any type of robot, brand or operations together.


Utilize A.I. to increase robot productivity for higher warehouse throughput and quicker robot ROI.


One platform that coordinates human and robot operations together seamlessly.

Holistic and Global Insight into Performance

We ensure that you have complete visibility across all automated assets in the warehouse. Cosmiqo delivers this visibility in real-time, to a granular level or consolidated for your reporting and analytics needs.

Performance visibility

Have a complete view of fleet and people performance to execute data-driven operations.

Operational analytics

Understand key data points not previously utilized to drive productivity.

Cross-platform consolidation

Streamline data from different operations to a centralised platform for analysis.

A Future-Proof Investment

Get started with IRIS

Orchestration, optimization and visibility is available in every IRIS module for both people and robot-centric operations. Leverage on this cohesive suite for your operating systems today and for the future.

System consultancy

Cosmiqo and our partners provide end-to-end services from system conceptualization to implementation, ensuring these tools maximize your current resources.

System redesign

Work with us to develop new operations with our tools that allows you to do more than your current state.

Driving value for the supply chain...

Up to 40%

Increase in lines per hour

Save 30%

Reduction in labour

Up to 80%

Reduction in short pick-list

Up to 60%

Increase in jobs completed

Save 50%

Reduction in excess robots acquired

Save 95%

Cost reduction vs traditional plan execution

...trusted by the industry