Elevate current operations
with IRIS people-centric warehousing tools

Improve material and process flow orchestration, optimization and visibility for
your human-centric warehouses.

What is the Largest Problem Most Warehouses Face?

The answer is dead-time.
Dead-time is time where there’s no actual productivity i.e. during travelling. More than 35% of operations is
dead-time. Most businesses are losing a significant portion of their productivity to dead-time without knowing it.

Supercharge Productivity

IRIS for people-centric warehousing enables faster, more accurate, and flexible operations in order to attain greater warehouse throughput.


Increase warehouse velocity

Less dead-time means more time fulfilling jobs and increasing revenues.


Be on top of operations

Dynamic job allocation and manpower planning done in close to real-time.


IRIS is built for you

Learning engine ensures IRIS adapts to your ever-changing operations and provides what works best.


Make the most of your warehouse assets.

IRIS Router

IRIS Router produces an optimal picking path for a large number of orders to reduce travelling time, increase number of picks and warehouse velocity. It can handle a large number of aisles and cross aisles per layout.

IRIS Batch

IRIS Batch intelligently batches orders, especially shorter ones in e-commerce, allowing items to be picked in the same picking trip. It allows pickers to pick multiple items from multiple orders at the same time without the need to make repeated trips to pick items later. The reduction in order-picking travel distance results in minimisation of order picking costs while improving order picking efficiency.


IRIS Slot uses A.I. to enable predictive pre-positioning of inventory within the warehouse based on demand and movement forecast. It allows for fast-moving items to be accessed more readily in advance of the demand for the items coming in, reducing significant time to pick and increased customer service level agreements, especially during peak seasons.


Execute operations effectively across various functions.


IRIS Pax determines manpower allocation for warehouse pickers and slotters. Allocation is done optimally based off current and future warehouse demands and workloads. Increases productivity per headcount and significantly reduces manpower bottlenecks and inefficient allocation of labour.

(Coming Soon)

Module that allows streamlining of activities across multiple functions effectively without additional resource.


Track and analyse all assets, all the time.

IRIS Dashboard

Identify and visualize data points and insights across your entire warehouse operations in one single platform. Our data acquisition layer seamlessly acquires data that otherwise would not exist and analyzes trends that can have significant impact on the operational efficiency of your warehouse.


IRIS RFID serves as a software tool for automatic reporting, consolidation and system checks for scanned events from tunnel scanners matched against the Warehouse Management System. Increase the accuracy of your packing without wasting time and effort required for manual system checks.

Simple. Fast. Easy-to-use.

We are System-agnostic

Easily deploy and integrate our tools with your current operations infrastructure with your orchestration tool of choice.

We are API-first

Everything Cosmiqo does is extensible through our APIs – and we mean everything. From cloud to on-premise, if it has an API, we have you covered.

We don’t require human-intervention

IRIS runs in the background and you get your output without having to ongoing manual operations input for IRIS to work.

We are scalable


Modularised and flexible, IRIS tools can scale with your operations even as you introduce new processes and tools.