Cosmiqo Litesense®
Be Productive. Be Safe.

Real-time data collection. Lamp identification and intensity mapping on-the-go.
All at high sampling rates.

City-wide Analytics. For Street Lighting.

The measurement of street lighting intensity has always been manual. That’s right. Handheld lux meter, standing in the middle of the road, trying not to get hit, trying to get decent readings. Trying again. And again.

We’ve changed the way it works.


Cosmiqo Litesense® was designed to provide analytical insights into the safety of roads through the brightness of street lights. It provides system alerts down to the level of lamp pole IDs based on GPS coordinates.


Prevention of accidents: Pedestrian fatalities are 3 to 6.75 times more likely in the dark than in daylight. Street lighting has been found to reduce pedestrian crashes by approximately 50%.

Increase in safety: Decrease in crime by 21%.


Cosmiqo Litesense® is deployable nationwide in Singapore.

Productivity Gain

Cosmiqo Litesense® has increased productivty by a substantial amount of 866%.