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Cosmiqo partners are the foundation of our success. We connect you with top partners to help you meet your technology goals, access implementation and integration with

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Cosmiqo resellers


Cosmiqo resellers are trained and certified partners that sell and implement Cosmiqo solutions.

Cosmiqo partners

Technology Partners

Cosmiqo combines best-in-business warehouse management providers with leading vendors for warehouse software, hardware, infrastructure, and more.

Service enablers

Service Enablers

Cosmiqo empowers service providers to deliver reliable, and cost-effective warehouse planning services to customers.

Affiliate consultants

Affiliate Consultants

Cosmiqo works with the best logistics industry experts that match our solutions to firms that need our solutions most.

Why Partner With Cosmiqo?

Market opportunity

Market Opportunity

We are disrupting a $4 billion WMS market and a $2 billion robot software market.

Accelerate growth

Accelerate Growth

Cosmiqo's distribution channel model brings partners into almost every opportunity.

Stronger together

Stronger Together

Cosmiqo works with the technology vendors that you are already selling to - across WMS, Robot Management Systems and Automation.

Increase profitability with Cosmiqo

Increase Profitability

Increase profitability through resale, repeat purchases, services, and more.

Complement Any Warehouse System Or Operation

Warehouse optimization

Warehouse Optimization

Cosmiqo disrupts warehouse management with our data-driven optimization tools.

Robot orchestration

Robot Orchestration

Cosmiqo provides a platform that orchestrates robots of different platforms across different brands and type.

Robot-human optimization

Robot-human Optimization

Cosmiqo helps warehouses optimize their human and robot assets by enabling them to work together more effectively.

Asset planning visibility

Asset Planning Visibility

Cosmiqo's data driven simulations allow for optimal warehouse asset and layout planning.

Our Trusted Partners