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Amplify human intelligence. Not replace it.

Cloud-based advanced analytics and AI engines

for supply chain and logistics optimisation


Solutions that make us happier.

Pick faster in a warehouse
Decide on manpower requirements in a warehouse
Gain manufacturing visibility
Ensure vehicular and pedestrian safety
Litesense® Footpath
Ensure pedestrian safety on footpaths
Ensure ride quality
Predict and monitor visitor movement
Footfall analytics
Understand consumer behaviour

Cosmiqo Litesense®

Real-time data collection. Lamp identification and intensity mapping on-the-go. All at high sampling rates.

Cosmiqo Mavis™

Real-time data collection. Provides full visibility of operations through a resilient sensing backbone and powerful analytics engine.

Cosmiqo IRIS Router™

Real-time data collection. Walk less and pick faster by improving the efficiency of picking routes.

Services customised to your needs.

Integration of end-to-end sensing platforms
Design and build sensing platforms to unlock the value of data
Operational Analytics
Design and build advanced analytics engines to optimise resources and improve operational effectiveness
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