Attraction occupancy at Sentosa (Part 3 of 3).

Why we do what we do.
16 July 2017

In Part 2, we discussed queues and how such information can be used by both visitors and operations. An additional parameter that would be useful for planning would be that of occupancy.

Why is occupancy important?

Occupancy is the number of people in a particular area. The more people there are, the more crowded it becomes. This may result in a safety concern and certain level of discomfort (for some).

We wanted to know the occupancy of an attraction, i.e., the number of people inside at any moment in time. This is quite useful as it allows us to determine the utilisation of an attraction. The higher the utilisation, the more frequently used it is. This means that those who operate or own the attraction is doing something right and marketing strategies are successful.

If the utilisation levels are consistently low, we may have a problem.

How many people are there?

Some of us love to be packed like a can of sardines. Some do not. Whichever your preference, we have got you covered.

With the prediction on visitorship, we are able to tell the number of people that will be in the attraction one hour ahead. With this expected occupancy, we can

  1. as a visitor, decide which attraction to visit in an hour

  2. as operations, decide which attraction requires more resources in an hour

The figure below shows expected occupancy for an arbitrary day at the following attractions:

We hope you enjoyed this 3-part series.

(Cosmiqo QSenseTM)
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