Going to Cheras for supper.

Why we do what we do.
25 June 2017

Over the past couple of months, we were developing RoadEyeTM, a low-cost road roughness monitoring device. The idea behind RoadEyeTM is simple - allow quick and easy road roughess monitoring across a large network without disrupting traffic flow. Some of our early trials were performed from a drive that we took from Subang Jaya to Cheras in Malaysia.

Indicators for roughness level are

Please feel free to interact with the map.


1. Road roughness conditions are satisfactory at the Subang-Federal Expressway exit.
2. Road roughness conditions are satisfactory along the Federal Expressway.
3. Pothole along Jalan Cheras (we did not mean to drive into it).
4. Road roughness conditions are unsatisfactory from Jalan Lingkaran Tengah 2 to Jalan 4/96A
(Cosmiqo RoadEyeTM, 25 August 2016)
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