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Our goal has always been to simplify the decision-making process in a world that can do with a little less complexity.

Solutions that make us happier.

Operations Management Innovation
Leverage on technology to gain a competitive advantage and to make life happier.
Embed sensors everywhere to create new business models, improve business processes, and reduce costs and risks.

Cosmiqo Litesense®

Real-time data collection. Lamp identification and intensity mapping on-the-go. All at high sampling rates.

Cosmiqo Ampsense®

Real-time data collection. Monitor, process and visualise energy and temperature data. Anywhere.

Services customised to your needs.

Integration of end-to-end sensing platforms
Build sensing platforms to unlock the value of the Internet-of-Things
Operational Analytics
Deploy advanced analytics engines for decision support to improve operational effectiveness and efficiency through innovative uses of data and analytics
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